Debt Disputes and Negotiation

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Paladin Legal specialises in providing cost-efficient, timely, and sustainable solutions for commercial debt disputes. We have worked with both large and small businesses all over Australia, giving us a wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to deliver results that meet our clients’ needs.

How We Work

At Paladin Legal, we understand that each situation and business is different. This is why so we take the time to assess and understand each matter you forward to us. Our team of lawyers will provide practical advice on the best way to resolve the debt dispute. We will assist you through the negotiation process, ensuring your business interests are always protected.

Our team’s extensive experience, proactive approach, and innovative strategies allow us to deliver remarkable outcomes that meets our clients’ needs. All this experience has given us the know-how necessary to design debt recovery plans that fit the unique circumstances of our clients. Paladin Legal also offers assistance in updating credit management systems and terms of trade. Contact us for more information on these services.

We also provide legal assistance in crucial aspects of the debt collection process, including:

  • issuing letters of demand
  • issuing claims
  • obtaining judgement for debt disputes
  • enforcing judgements and recovery costs

Plus, we help clients improve their credit management systems and terms of trade agreements so they can be protected from any legal issues in the future.

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